Morris and Nicky have both been vegetarian since their late teens, and while they thought they were having a balanced diet, several decades on, they were both feeling as though they were lacking something… and even Nicky’s hairdresser would ask each time she went, from looking at her hair, if she was getting enough vitamins and protein in her diet.
Then a friend said very simply and clearly to us, if you’re vegetarian you need to take ‘Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Bee Pollen and Chia seeds to make up the vitamins (as it turns out especially vitamin B12, which is generally not available in vegetarian diets, but is available in bee pollen) minerals and protein that you’re lacking in your diet’.
It was like night and day… almost immediately after making our first ‘superfood green smoothie’, we both experienced an immediate surge of energy.
The next day, Nicky felt warm, not cold as she had done, especially in her hands and feet, and then people started to say how well we looked, asking ‘have you been away?’, there was colour in our cheeks and we had a lot more energy all round, and as time went on, we also noticed that our fingernails and hair both looked more glossy, thick and shiny.
It all started from there… after recommending superfoods to everyone we knew, they would ask where they can get them from, so with the help of Morris' brother David, we decided to start Greens Organic.
We're passionate about organic, and know our products inside out... (and our favourite has always been the Spanish organic bee pollen.)Since 2012... Our goal has been to make Greens Organic, the company that provides the absolute best online service, and that every order we send out to you is filled to the brim with happiness!


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Client: Golden Greens

Features: Organic Superfoods

Brand Origan: United Kingdom

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WFBM Healthcare Ltd

Offers a full solution for your heath food brand in the UK or abroad, for more information.


World Foods Brand Management Ltd was established in 2006 to develop the sales of overseas and UK health products to various market sectors. World Foods brand Management are the leading UK distributors for a wide range of industry leading Natural Healthcare products. Established in 2006 by lifelong friends and now Directors, Mark Shaw and Mark McCarty.

We’ve recently changed our trading name to WFBM Healthcare Ltd. as it represents our product portfolio which now encompasses more natural healthcare products. 

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