NeuroMed is a company specialising in providing education and science-based supplements for the optimisation of brain health and cognitive function. NeuroMed’s Clinical Director is Dr John Briffa. Dr Briffa graduated with honours from University College London School of Medicine in 1990, where he also completed a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Initially through an experience of using nutritional approaches for his own health issues, Dr Briffa developed a special interest in holistic medicine. During a medical career spanning some 30 years, he has based his approach on lifestyle-oriented strategies such as diet, physical activity and sleep, in combination with careful supplementation. 

Dr Briffa is a former natural medicine columnist of the Daily Mail and The Observer, and has contributed more than 700 articles and columns to mainstream newspapers and magazines. He is the author of 9 health books, as well as a major contributor to 4 others. 

Dr Briffa has a particular interest in cognitive health, borne out of a personal desire to protect and optimise his own brain function and mental performance, as well as his experience with patients and clients keen to do the same. Another major motivator for him is the fact that Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia have emerged as a leading cause of mortality, and cognitive impairment is affecting increasing numbers of people.

Dr Briffa has worked with literally thousands of individuals with diverse health issues. His experience tells him that, often, quite simple adjustments in lifestyle, coupled with the use of carefully-selected natural agents, can bring tangible and lasting improvement in general well-being, memory, thinking, mental clarity and mood. 

Dr Briffa’s approach is always to take scientific insights, and translate them into something practical, effective and sustainable. His aim with NeuroMed is to make what he has learned through research and clinical practice easily-accessible to people through educational information, as well as science-based and thoughtfully-formulated supplements.

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Client: NeuroMed

Features: Cognitive function

Brand Origin: United Kingdom

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